Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Kiss

Directed by:  Pen Densham
Written by:  Tom Ropelewski and Stephen Volk - based on a story by Stephen Volk
Starring:  Joanna Pacula, Meredith Salenger, Shawn, Levy

I just couldn't understand this trailer.

From IMDB (not one of the better summaries to say the least)
"When Felice and Hillary were children, they were separated to live with other people. Felice went off with a relative who possessed an unusual bloodline which was passed on to Felice via a kiss. Now all grown up, Felice is a jet setting model, while Hillary is happily married to husband Jack with a daughter, Amy. One day, Felice calls Hillary and tells her she needs to pass her bloodline onto another relative. When Hillary is killed after the call, Felice slowly makes her way into the family so she can attempt at pass the bloodline onto Amy."
Meredith Salenger (whom I'd never heard of before) plays teenager Amy.  She's a great looking young lady and a decent little actress.  It looks like she's continued to work, though nothing major - although I see she did some voice work for Robot Monkey - and that makes her very cool indeed.
ThIS movie reeks of the 80s.
Holy crap it took a long time for folks to come to the aid of what was a pretty spectacular auto crash.
Okay - who the fuck runs out after a ball in a busy street - and I mean downtown, crazy busy - we're not talking about a suburb here - no suggestion of supernatural - just bad luck.  And it wasn't like the kid was six - he was a young teenager.
At any rate - the crash was good - with interesting results.  The leg thing was a bit unexpected.
Ha - there's Shawn Levy playing the bitchin' cool boyfriend with the pony tale and the fancy stud in his ear.
He made the right choice getting behind the camera.  He's a better director than he is actor!
The dad with his beard and a perm - what a special look that was.  And what a milquetoast dude.
So Joanna Pacula is in this thing.  She's hot, no doubt about it and she drops the laundry a few times which is nice, of course.  She's a actually a pretty good actress on top of it.  Sadly she just never lived up to the promise she showed in Gorky Park.
Another "jewelry caught in the escalator" scene.  That necklace she was wearing must have been forged in the depths of Mordor.  You'd think the thing would break but no, it parts flesh and severs bone.
This movie isn't awful.  I think the worst thing about it (aside from a weak script) is just how dated it is - and dated from a time that really wasn't any fun.  Fashion was at an all time low.  So much hair. 
I'll give it 2 Bloody Eyes out of 5.

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