My Bleeding Pen - Introduction

So this is my new blog. It's going to be dedicated to my passion for horror movies. It's a passion I have little opportunity to share. I read, write and watch a lot of horror but rarely am I afforded the pleasure of discussing it. So I'm going to discuss it here even if it's just with myself but hopefully I gather some readers to help facilitate this aspect of my life. I'm always interested in recommendations of books - graphic or otherwise, and movies.
AND - I'm going to set a goal - I want to put up a 1,000 blogs before I'm 50 - that's 2.5 years from now.

I watch a new horror movie almost every day so I will try to write a few thoughts on each of those films. I'm not going to give standard reviews. I'm just not interested in that and if you're worried about spoilers - don't read the posting because I'm not going to worry about avoiding them.
I recommend opening the blog and following along as you watch the movie in question, if you have the opportunity.  I write them as I'm watching them so the comments I make are as though to someone watching with me.
A few lines about myself. First and foremost I'm a writer of narrative fiction. I have been since I was eight years old. Most of my writing is in the screenplay format and I've been blessed to have a few things produced.  I was also able to direct my first feature last year. As well I write short stories, a few poems now and then and I have a novel in the works.

I'm a father and a husband and I live in Victoria British Columbia.