Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bless the Child

Directed by: Chuck Russell
Written by: Thomas Rickman and Clifford Green & Ellen Green - based on novel by Cathy C. Spellman
Starring: Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits
The Tag line:
"Fear the Darkness. Fight the Evil. Bless the Child."
This one is kind of like the Omen in reverse.
So I've heard a lot about this movie - worst ever made they say. 
Whenever some asshole chimes up with "This is the worst movie ever made"  I always laugh.  Certainly there is a worst movie ever made - I have mine but Bless the Child is not it - not by a LOOOONG shot!!
It got 1 star in the Shaw Guide - 3% in the Rotten Tomatoes.  This has to be one of the all time low scores. 
On IMDB it got 4.8/10, which is quite a bit better.
Now to be fair - I've spent the last four days watching original Sci/Fi creature features.  You want to see bad - watch UKM: Ultimate Killing Machine then follow it up with SS Doomtrooper.
After watching the aforementioned screen gems, this one feels like Citizen Kane.
Strong talent.  Strong production value and a half decent script.
it's better than 1 star and I can tell that in the first five minutes.
Rufus Sewell is really good at being a dick.
I'm glad Kim pulled the trigger when she was pointing the gun it at him.  I always hate it when they just can't do it - they just can't pull that trigger.  Everyone hates that.
I'm thinking this movie has been edited.  It's on the Dusk channel so it's not meant to be but there is just no gore here.  There's a scene with some knitting needles I suspect was meant to be much more graphic - but I could be wrong. 
The scene where she pulls the cop over by cutting him off and honking is retarded.  The cop doesn't even try to listen to her and dies for his foolishness.  Now I believe a cop just might behave that badly - in fact if you go to Youtube you can see several examples of it but it's not worthy of a film like this.  It's a device - bad writing.
Oops.  Things are going from not bad to much worse.
The final scene in the church is descending to the absurd.
Okay not great but better than the 3% on RT.
I'll give it 2.5 Bloody Eyes out of 5.  Maybe a bit generous but what the hell.

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