Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Attic

Directed by:  Mary Lambert
Written by:  Mary Lambert
Starring: Elisabeth Moss, Jason Lewis and Tom Mallory
From IMDB:
"Emma and her family are unhappy after moving to her house; one day she went to the attic and found someone who looked like her and began haunting her. "
Was that written by a six year old?  Never a good start.
Looks like it was shot on my dad's camcorder.  Actually it looks like it was shot by my dad.
A good director can make a bad actor look otherwise but sadly a bad director can also make a good actor look foul.
I just really have little to say about this. 
I had a hard time watching it. 
Weak in all departments.
And trust me when I say - it's not one of those movies that so bad it's good.  No, it's just bad.
I almost don't want to put this blog up.  I have such huge respect for anyone who can get a movie made these days but I just couldn't find anything here.  I suppose I could say that it's possible Elisabeth Moss is likely a good actress - impossible to say from this though.
My first .5 Bloody Eyes out of 5.

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