Friday, February 25, 2011

The Galaxy Invader

Directed by: Don Dohler
Written by: Don Dohler
Starrring: Richard Ruxton, Faye Tilles and George Stover

From IMDB:
 "An alien is hunted by a gang of drunken hillbillies who saw him crash-land his spaceship."

WATCH THIS!!  They even show the guy in the rubber suit!!!

Holy shit - how did I miss this gem?!?
You always hear about movies so bad their good but rare is the one that actually is.  Galaxy Invader is just such a movie.  It's a riot and I can't believe it's not better known the cult favorite scene.  This son of a bitch should be showing at midnight with costumed fans shouting out lines at the screen weekly!
So some hillbilly takes a shot at the crash landed alien - (guy in a rubber suit), and knocks a white ball off the alien's chest.  The hick figures the white ball must be worth a lot of cake - everyone who sees it seems to agree. "I've never seen anything like it!!!"
Obviously they've never played botchi before.  It's just a ball.
Now, out of no where this red neck bastard knows how to activate this "crazy" ball (by touching it with a stick).  Must have missed the lead up to that scene.
There are a lot of mustaches in this movie.
There's not an actor in the bunch, the sets are weak, the script is nonsensical and that  rubber suit is the best!   Beautiful man!!
Everyone is being all sincere too!  You have to see this to believe it!
Oh, I've not mentioned the wardrobe - love Joe's torn T-shirt.
Writer/director Don Dohler was only 60 when he died.  Very sad.  What a loss!
I just read there's a DVD commentary for this film!!  Damn! I would LOVE to hear that.  I have the film on a 50 film pack from Mill Creek.  Those bastards don't even include the end credits half the time - let alone any commentary!
Man this would have been fun to make!!
"It don't matter what it looks like.  It don't look like us and that's all that counts."
"Let's hope this alien knows how to run!"
Awesome rag doll they tossed off the cliff.  It looked like it was made of rope.
I will most certainly be organizing a Galaxy Invader party in the near future!
I'm giving this 4 Bloody Eyes out of 5!!  The lover of the camp can not resist!

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