Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soul's Midnight

Directed by Harry Basil
Written by Brian and Jason Cleveland


Starring Armand Assante and Robert Floyd
Another Vampire job - but this time the vampires are trying to resurrect the dragon slain by St. George.

Well this one is certainly B but I love B so I had no problem sitting through it.
There's always a legion of flaws one can point out in any B movie and that's why I started this blog.  I like to point out those flaws but I also like to find the jewels in the junk.

One of the first things that jumped out at me was the miscasting of Robert Floyd.  The guy wasn't a bad actor, just bad for this part.  He doesn't pull off the leading man role - Charles Milford.
The second thing to jump out was the nice location of the hotel.  Little bit of The Shining going on - at 1% of the budget I'm sure.
Armand Assante is always watchable but he's overdoing it bit here.  Drips just a little too much!
The meatpacking tough guy played by Miguel Perez is a pretty good.
The film opens with a guy being so incredibly rude as to almost be cartoonish.  He dies quickly in a display of natural selection at work 
Quote of the film - "Maybe we should call 911?" Charles upon finding the grounds keeper stuffed in a box and in a very sorry state of decay.
Lucila Sola - what can I say?  Beautiful.  That's all.  Sorry.
How come Simon seems surprised when Charles "knows something is up" after finding the grounds keeper stuffed in the box?  What was he expecting?
So in the end I have to ask - why did the "dragon" (guy in a rubber suit) kill the only guy who was working with him - there by sealing his own demise?  Suicidal dragon.
This movie was made in 2006 but plays like it was made in '86.  And that's not entirely a bad thing.  The problem here is those classics of decades gone by worked because they were played with sincerity - even if ridiculous.  Like good comedy - it's best played seriously.
These guys just didn't believe in what they were doing.

2 Bloody Eyes out of 5


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