Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Killers from Space


Directed by: W. Lee Wilder
Written by: William Raynor, story by Myles Wilder
Starring: Peter Graves
From IMDB:
"A scientist monitoring atomic tests, killed in a plane crash, is revived by aliens so he can spy on the tests and help them conquer the world."
This clip is 4 minutes long.
The pilot's call sign is Tar Baby II - I'm pretty certain that wouldn't be acceptable in today's clinical world.
Peter Graves had a good career despite this mess.
This is great.  The aliens are guys in one piece suits and eyes created from ping pong balls cut in half.
They take 15 minutes to explain to our hero their plan for invading the earth.
Why they're explaining to him, hasn't been revealed yet.
Then he spends 5 minutes running from insects and lizards that have been enlarged - but he doesn't really run from them - it's more like he moves from creature to creature - stand and looks at the thing for a moment - runs his hands through his hair then carries on.  The creatures never attack - but I gather when the time is right the aliens plan to unleash the giant bugs on the population - thus paving the way for colonization.
Aaaauh - true freedom, a man wants to enjoy a nice smoke, he just lights one up, even if he's walking down a hospital corridor!
There's a chase scene inside a power plant - but they've only got a few sets so they just run by the same ones over and over again.
When I was 8 I wrote a story about an mad doctor who invents a machine that turns everything in the world ugly - yeah, I know, what's the motive?  I was 8, what do you want from me?  At any rate the doctor's plans were thwarted when Stephanie and Kevin unplug his machine.  It was a daring and brilliant move.  Perhaps I'd seen this movie and unintentionally borrowed from it - at any rate, that's about how it goes down.
This is a bad one but there's just not enough bad to make it good.
It get's 1 Bleeding Eye out of 5.

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