Friday, March 18, 2011

Basilisk: The Serpent King

Directed by:  Stephen Furst
Written by:  Wil McCarthy, Chase Parker
Starring:  Jeremy London, Wendy Carter and Cleavant Derricks
From IMDB:
"Two millennia ago, a Lybian king has a basilisk (snake-shaped dragon), which petrifies people, subjected to the same fate with a golden scepter during a solar eclipse."
Watch Yancy die here.
Wow.  This is really bad.
So the science nerd gal is trying to explain the legend of the big snake to a security guide (read - the audience) Fuck - writing doesn't get worse than that.
I had to look at the directors credits to see if he started his career directing Jerry Lewis movies.  This thing is zany - in a bad way.
Turns out he was the fat guy in Animal House - that was zany in a good way.
I understand he's not a fat guy any more.
I'm having a tough time watching this.
Griff Furst - I assume the director's son - is particularly hard to watch.  He's so far over the top he's a flight risk.  The thing is, I've seen this kid before.  He's not bad.  Something went wrong with the choices made here.
I like Yancy Butler but she's wasted here.
I'm giving this 1 Bloody Eye out of 5.  Just not much to recommend.

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